web applications

Small Web Apps with Big Impact

Grabers develops small web applications that model existing systems and enable them to be delivered across the Internet. Most projects consist of small systems like registration applications, order entry tools, pricing generators, and website content management integration.

Custom Administrative Applications

Any process can be separated into a series of small steps, with its related data stored in a database. Grabers conducts a basic analysis to determine how the process is current being tackled, then develops a solution that combines the process with the data to create the application.

  • Data discovery and modeling
  • System development and integraton on LAMP
  • PHP, MySQL, MS Access, Javascript

Web Content Management Systems

Content management systems enable non-technical users to post and manage web content as easily as completing a web form, or buying a product online. Grabers leverages the powerful Drupal open source content management framework to build robust web publishing systems.

  • Custom themeing and skinning
  • Content type discovery and modeling
  • Module selection and integration
  • Complete hosting and support

To inquire about these services for your next project, please contact Peter Graber at peter@grabers.com or via telephone at (919) 215-3165

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