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Email Marketing Support

Email is an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with existing customers and prospects. Grabers helps organizations produce, deliver and analyze small email marketing campaigns (< 5K) with full end-to-end support.

Message Creation & Broadcast Services

Great for quick, one-time promotions or for organizations wishing to take a hands-off approach, Grabers tackles message production and design, delivers it to the email addresses you supply, and provides reports on what happened.

  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Great Reporting & Tracking
  • Easy Pricing
Email List Size Import / Artwork Broadcast & Reports Total Cost ORDER
>250 $64.95 $9.00 $84.00 Order Now!
250-500 $64.95 $14.00 $99.00 Order Now!
501-750 $64.95 $23.00 $115.00 Order Now!
751-1,000 $84.95 $27.50 $160.00 Order Now!

Campaign Reporting & Analytics

Grabers provides complete reporting on all email campaigns, including statistics on opens, click-throughs and other stats.

gMaestro: The Web-Based Email Marketing Service

Grabers offers do-it-yourselfers a full featured email marketing solution to manage, produce and deliver small- to medium-sized email campaigns. Perfect for any small business -- and directly from the web.

  • Completely web-based and feature rich
  • Simple and easy to use, even for the non-technical
  • Solid deliverability
  • Extensive reporting and tracking
  • Competitive Monthly Fees

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Email List Size Max Monthly Msgs. Monthly Annually*  
>250 2,500 $19.99 $107.00 Order Now!
250-500 5,000 29.95 $161.00 Order Now!
501-750 6,500 $39.95 $194.00 Order Now!
751-1,000 8,500 $49.99 $215.00 Order Now!

To inquire about these services for your next project, please contact Peter Graber at or via telephone at (919) 215-3165

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