CDs and DVDs

CD+DVD Media Design and Development

Grabers designs, develops and produces CD-ROMS, DVDs and Flash media applications that are ideal for distributing information and marketing materials in rich electronic format to anyone with a computer.

HTML/CSS/Javascript/Acrobat Applications

There's a full range of choices when considering how best to utilize CDs/DVDs/Flash media. Small, yet functional tools can be developed that add value to existing relationships, or page-intensive documents can be distributed cost effectively. the media is limited only by your imagination.

  • Meetings and conference materials
  • Digital Catalogs
  • Interactive Order Forms & Administrative Tools
  • Documents, Video and Audio

Multiple Computer Platform Support

All media produced with your customized information will run on nearly any common computer platform. This makes it very convenient and attractive for distributing information.

  • Autorun capability on Windows platforms
  • MAC Compatible
  • Linux/Unix Compatible
  • Desktop or Laptop

Complete Production & Duplication

After your CD/DVD/Flash media application is complete, Grabers provides complete end-to-end production and duplication support:

  • Duplication of any Quantity: Singles to Thousands
  • Range of Packaging options, including cases, sleeves and shells.
  • Design/printing options for CD face and literature included in case.
  • High quality

To inquire about these services for your next project, please contact Peter Graber at or via telephone at (919) 215-3165

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