ROI Revolution PPC Webinar is Informative

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I have been getting more interest from some of my clients regarding Pay-Per-Click advertising management. Not a knowing very much about it, I thought I would try to get up to speed. I sought out my friends at ROI Revolution in Raleigh to help get me started.

ROI Revolution is a Raleigh-based PPC management company. I learned about them essentially by accident. Back in 2008, I had been looking to fit my home office with a couple of corner workstations/desks. It happens that ROI was selling just what I was looking for. They turned out great.

Fast forward to 2010. A couple of my clients have begun to inquire on PPC. ROI provides a lot of great information and hold webinars on the subject, too. Although my clients' monthly spend is a bit small for their types of services/support, I sought them out for information.

I participated in a great webinar led by their company's CEO. Learned a lot. Thanks again ROI!

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