Great Email Rendering on the Cheap


Email message rendering is a much needed service since there is such a wide variety of ways people view and read email. Services exist that do this exclusively, but are extremely expensive. EmailOnAcid to the rescue.

Rendering is very expensve however, with companies like ReturnPath and PivotalVeracity charging literally thousands of month.

Enter htttp:// While their product is certainly limited to the two solutions above, it gets the job done for a lot of uses.

The service uses the top 15 most popular email clients.

I signed up for the free test and logged in.

Some thoughts:

- Displays great client interfaces for each reader.
- Allows you to block/un-block images
- Can purchase 'Credits' in bulk that offers everything
- fantastic info on various email clients in 'Forums'
- stores test archives.

Just a great tool for small campaigns

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