Down and Dirty Web Newscasting

I stepped through creating a very short little web-based newscast at the NCAFP. I approached this using a very basic setup that included a pocket video camera, jurry-rigged lighting and some basic post-production software. This is NOT going to win any awards, but for a cost of under $100 bucks, a decent start...

This was the very first little news segment I've done. I learned a lot in doing it and am looking forward to making more.

SPEAKING WRITING - First thing is that speaking writing is a bit different than reading writing. But I think I may be able to get the two closer so I can streamline production time. I didn't use a script for this experiment, but I will in the next ones to follow.

SHORT & SWEET - Segments don't need to be long and sophisticated. I am shooting to keep each under 2:30. I will see how it goes.

LIMIT POST-PRODUCTION - Anything you can do to limit the amount of PP time is huge. Lighting is huge. Sound very important.

After release, I found an online teleprompter that I will be using in future segments. Also a microphone of some kind for better sound.

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