Pop-ups: More Harm Than Good


A short paper about a few brands that utilize pop-up banner advertising online and why I think it sucks.

Pop-up advertising is annoying. Ask anyone. This was a brief paper I submitted on the subject.

To begin, I don't necessarily care for pop-ups and pop-unders and rarely click on banner ads. Although I see many of these ads during my online experiences, I seldom do anything to act on their messages. While I enjoy the amount of creativity these employ, I consider putting up with them a necessary evil.

Southwest Airlines Radio & TV Ideas


Southwest has always been known for extremely down to earth and creative television spots. 'You're now free to move about the country' made them famous. 'Wanna get Away' was also fantastic. I had to create a couple of concepts for my class at West Virginia University.


Southwest Airlines "Rush" : 15 seconds
Produced. Version 1, May 2005


ANNCR: Attention all air travelers. Attention all air travelers.

Creative Brief: Southwest Airlines


A creative brief for Southwest Airlines that utilizes the Richards Group format. After grading, my professor distributed it to my classmates as an effective example of what a CB should do and say.
I was shocked.


Why are we advertising?
To educate business air travelers in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Chicago that Southwest can help them save money on business flights.

Who are we talking to?
High-frequency business travelers who fly between to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

What do they currently think?

Marketing plan outline for Southwest Airlines


The following is a marketing plan outline for Southwest Airlines, the US's current dominant low-cost domestic air travel carrier.

SWOT Analysis
- Low cost structure relative to large carriers.
- High number of established, high-frequency discount routes.
- Operational efficiencies relative to large and low-cost carriers.
- Modern, cost efficient flight network model.

- Decreasing differentiation relative to other low-cost-carriers.
- Aircraft type versus long, transcontinental routes.
- Aging company patriarch and visionary - Herb Kelleher.

Southwest Airlines Background Info


Southwest Airlines is one of our nations largest domestic low-cost airlines and flies some 2900 flights a day, connecting fifty-nine cities in 31 states . The company began in Texas in 1971 with only four planes, and today operates over 415 Boeing 737s, employs over 32,000 people, is considered one of the most admired airline companies in the world. The company is publicly traded under the symbol "LUV" on the New York Stock Exchange. According to the Southwest website, the company carried 70.9 million customers in 2004 and generated operating revenue of approx. $6.5 billion

Survey Questionnaire Design


In my marketing research course, I uncovered a great article on improving your web surveys. More survey design oriented than web stuf..

Here's the post I sent to my classmates:

I do write a fair amount of short survey questionaires in my current position. The website that interests me was Principles of Questionnaire Design, located at It outlined a number of key areas. I especially like how the actual page was constructed.

Quick Back Link Power


A simple run of Nichebot reveals an interesting discovery relative to search engines and web niches.

Take a small keyword nich, for instance. Backlinks help tremendously in helping search engines to determine relevance. This is common knowledge in SEO.

Ironically, however, some niches I'm experimenting with are currently showing very low- to non-existent back link counts. This directly effects initial positioning.

In another niche I've identifed, the 'leader' had 10 backlinks. One had 0 with a pagerank of 6. What?

Regardless of how pagerank is currently used or not, its data.

Improving reach and frequency w/online


A fellow student dug an article up - authored by DoubleClick - that basically says how online media helps with reach of a campaign. It was kinda self-serving, but raises a good point.

The internet must be addressed in any campaign. The article gave a good amount of information on reach/frequency statistics.

It's dated (3/03) but still relevant.

The key I guess is that just like in print, you need spend that has wide reach (horizontal)and strong specificss ones (vertical)

Yuppies, guppies and dimps?


In my readings on direct marketing, I've discoverd a growing list of lifestyle terms that identify particular segments of the population.

Here are some samples.

Dinks: Dual income, no kids
Biddies: Baby boomers in debt
Skippies: Schoolkids with income and purchasing power.
Guppies: Gay upwardly mobile professionals
Maffies: Middle-aged affluent folks.
Mossies: Middle-aged, over-stressed, semi-affluent professionals.
Dimps: Dual-income with money problems.
Woopies: Well-off older persons.
Yuppies: Young urban professionals. (duh)

Apple - An iPod IMC Plan


The Apple iPod is huge. For the company to continue this success, I wrote an a sample IMC plan in late 2004 for my Direct Marketing class at West Virginia University. All content is © 2004-05 Peter Graber.

Executive Summary

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