RGB Color Spaces and CMYK


Anyone printing in four color (CMYK) needs to know what RGB color space is best to work in. Sometimes software defaults are wrong. Two spaces in particular - sRGB and Adobe RGB(1998) - give very different results.


Here's the bottom line for two popular RGB color spaces:

PDF: Slick for Web Presentations


While working on a media plan recently, I came acroos the advertising rate card of InformationWeek, a leading IT weekly news magazine. Their online rate card is an excellent example of PDF in action.

Every once in awhile I'm made aware of something I've managed to forget. In this case, it was Acrobat's ability to be viewed at full-screen mode.

The Nitty Gritty of Graphics Files


The folks at Raleigh's largest advertising agency have produced a superb and clearly witten piece on files, formats and key concepts in computer graphics. So good I'm linking to it.

Capstrat is one of Raleigh's largest ad agencies and has published a series of small discussions on some interesting topics. I ran across Of Vector and Raster (Nov, 2004). It is an excellent read on key core concepts in desktop publishing. Indepth, but not overwhelming.

Fun with The Way Back Machine


I hit the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine recently to capture some images of the past. This brought back some cool memories.

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine brings you back - sometimes as far as 1996 to the dawn of when the World Wide Web grew popular. You can find some interesting pages.

Jill Whalen's Ten Tips Revisited


In her monthly e-newsletter, Jill Whalen of High Rankings always points out some excellent techniques regarding search engine marketing and optimization. She's a 'white knght seo' you can trust. Recenty she revisited her famous 'Ten Tips to The Top'.

When you really think about the following tips, it starts to run deep. Like Zen deep. Some of these are basic; others more involved.

Here's what they boiled down to - my summary:

Web Blogs as Search Hooks


A review of my server logs recently pointed to a very interesting fact relative to the business case of weblogs - search optimization and traffic building.

Over the past couple of years, I have purposefully neglected to build site traffic. Frankly, if I had set out to build traffic, I probably would have relied on some sort of affiliate program, a link farm of some sort (my first thought I mini-blinds).

An Adventure to Europe


I took a trip to Europe that saw me visit Amsterdam, Holland, Berlin, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a whirl-wind trip that I wrote a little bit about along the way.

In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, this is the story. Please don't pass judgement on its elements.

The Amsterdam

My incoming flight was long and overall horrible.

Townhome's Got A Renter



I have been extremely fortunate to find a great tenant for my townhome. The lease was signed at end the beginning of July and move-in is expected anytime.

The Engagement: Thelma's Treat


On June 25th - at about midnight - I asked Erin to marry me. I did it on our trip up north to Pittsburgh.

I did it as her (our) Grammy looked on.. Erin and I have a long-running joke as to who can get in the best graces of Grammy on any particular occasion.

The funny thing about the whole thing was getting the darn ring through security without Erin discovering my plans. I had originally put it in my bag, but decided against it knowing full well that I would have to walk through security with it.

New Media and Marketing Communications


During early Summer of 2005, I completed a short study of the effect of new media on integrated marketing communications. The project consisted of a small journal that was developed over the course of ten weeks.

New Media - in my definition - started in mid-to-late 1990s, with the explosion of the Internet and the related networked-enabled technologies it spawned. Almost immediately the popularity of the World Wide Web took hold, new media began to be known as websites, email, then cell phones, the PDA, and networked 'appliances'.

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