Fighting Google's Aging Delay


When you tell people that there is a well-known indexing delay of between 6-9 months on Google, some look at you like you're pulling one over on them.

SEOs refer to it as 'the sandbox' - it's the phenomenon that new sites go through in getting indexed properly on Google. Although these recommnedations may not speed the process along by much, they help when the spider comes..

Got Installed as CCT President


For the remainder of this year and through 2006, I am serving as President of my Toastmasters club. Our group has just over 30 members and meets once weekly in Raleigh.

Basically I got tapped because the currentl leadership thought I would do a good job. Hopefully that turns out to be accurate. It will be hard topping what Dwayne has done for the club. We were a President's Distinguished Club in 2005 - meaning CCT was in the top 16% of all clubs in North Carolina and nationally (I think).

Networked Messaging Through Weblogs


The weblog is a tool that's being utlized by the masses. You are currently experiencing one right now. Increasingly organizations are relying on them to build credibility, enhance relationships, heighten online visibility and even foster new ideas and collaboration.

I've written previously about Weblogs as Search Hooks in a previous post. I came across a Raleigh interactive marketing company's take on why blogging can be good for the organization.

Failsafe Way To Great Digital Photos


Since I've been known to cut as many financial corners as possible, I've been looking for ways to save some cash and improve the quality of my digital photos. Some resources I've located online are helping me do this at a great price.

The simplest way to get the most out of your camera, whether a new fangled digital breed or a traditional film-based box, is understanding the fundamentals of photography. Just as in anything else, knowledge is your most powerful bet in enhancing your digital or film photos.

Holistic Search Optimization


There is a growing and emerging disclipline on the web that integrates SEO activities into the overall enterprise. Mulitdiscipline. Think of it as holistic SEO.

I'm currently reading a new book titled 'Ambient Findability' (O'Reilly). It is a book on the deeper aspects of human wayfinding and written by Stephen Moorse. Its quite an interesting read - although a little long on high level views and abstraction. But he brings up some profound concepts to think about in relation to the future of finding information in a digital world.

Landscape for PDF Web Pubs


More and more I come across web magazines and newsletters that are leveraging the power of Acrobat PDF to lower distribution and production costs and provide easy over-the-web viewability. But like many designers, my design 'thinking' has been stuck in portrait mode, when landscape may be a better option for today's web..

I discovered an excellent web magazine covering modern web development in TreehouseMagazine. What really struck me was how they've used basic Acrobat PDF to present their core product - essentially a magazine.

36 Hours in Mechanicsburg, PA


Erin's grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday recently. We made a quick jaunt up to Mechanicsburg, PA with her parents and the Bartimacs to help throw her a party.

Erin's grandmother Thelma turned 90 years old on Nov 9. Erin, myself, Jim, Kathie, Kirk, and John and Gena Bartimac went up to Harrisburg for a party. We caught a flight out of RDU on Southwest. What we supposed to be uneventful turned out to be amouck in snags.

Double vs Single Quotes in PHP


I picked up this little tid-bit online that helps explain something that has escaped me for awhile about PHP.

In PHP, you can seemingly freely use single quotes (') and double quotes (") around statements of various types. They often are used with echo or print_r commands where you are sending something to the screen.

I have read debates in the past about which one is beter and faster. Because double (") seemed to be easier to work with as far as production goes, I've been using it more lately.

Who are Apple's New Customers?


I completed this analysis in autumn of 2004 in seeking to understand Apple's new customers better. Because of the iPod, the customer base has changed dramatically. Understanding them a bit better can help the company's marketing and communications efforts. All content © Peter T. Graber, 2004

Nicole & Travis: A Buffalo Wedding


I went home this past weekend for a family wedding. My niece Nicole - daughter of my brother Vince and sister-inlaw Michelle - got married and held a reception at Brookfield Country Club. It was a great time. Here's how the weekend went...

I flew in on Saturday morning and arrived in Buffalo just before 11:00 am. Charlie was there waiting; it seems he had been told 10:00 and had been there for an hour. I don't know how this happened. I was clear that i was getting in about 11ish. Whatever.

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