Ensuring AOL Email Delivery with -F


AOL recently made an adjustment to their email delivery system with new policies that are resulting in email from PHP scripts being blocked. This effects Apache virtual servers that use generic users when sending mail (nobody@, username@, root@, apache@, etc.) and thankfully, only requires a simple fix : the use of -F.

Corporate Impediments To IMC


Integrated marketing communications (IMC) represents a relatively new and paradigm-shifting approach organizations use to market, sell and distribute their products and services. This discussion will present several hypotheses as to why IMC adoption has been slow to take hold and some of the practical problems inherent in its approach.

Instant Car Sale w/Craigs List


I was selling my car recently. So I decided to post it on Craig's List to generate some interest. I had near instantaneous success.

Basically I ran a free ad in the Raleigh auto section of the site. I no soon clicked 'publish', that about 7-10 minutes later my phone rang. It was an interested buyer who wanted to take a look.

We arranged to meet a half-hour later in the parking lot of a shopping center close to my house. I arrived and took him for a spin.

He liked the opportunity and the price. We agreed and made a deal. Case closed. Done.

Comparing IMC to The Traditional 4Ps


Traditional marketing theory and execution relies on the simplicity of the 4Ps: Price, Product, Promotion, & Place (Distribution). But as consumers change their buying and decision making habits, this theory has come under strain.

IMC: Are Agencies Threatened By It


Since its beginnings in the late 1980s, IMC has been looked upon by traditional agencies as a threat. When effectively done, IMC moves most of the strategic marketing communications upstream and into the organization. Many agencies have struggled with this.

Lessons from the (M) $$ Homepage


I had been following the marketing concept known as 'The Million Dollar Homepage'. Basically a kid in the UK created a page in which he sold pixels for a $1 apiece and made $1M in four months.

Home in Buffalo for The Holidays


In what's becoming an annual ritual, I spent a nearly a week with family in Buffalo. I arrived on the 26th and stayed to the New Year.

Monday - Travel Day

I took the first flight out of Raleigh at about 7:20 am. Getting through security was actually very easy as I checked out at a kiosk at Southwest. The kiosk was surprisely easy. User friendly.

My layover in Baltimore wasn't bad. Why do you have to walk over a terminal? Baltimore to Buffalo has this. Many times is lower A's. Two minute walk.

Measurement and Metrics in IMC


Determining and quantifying the overall value - pinning ROI on IMC - is a key topic in marketing communication today. Results need to be quantified. Doing this is a challenge.

Starting in early January, a series of posts will highlight how today's IMC practitioners address this and how smaller organizations can map some of their techniques into their own models.

The text for the study is by Don Schultz, a preeminent thinker in the IMC field.

Retail Changes on Elmwood Avenue


It's always nice to keep track of what's happening on chic Elmwood Avenue - the birthplace of Grabers. Seem's like there's plenty of new faces and some changes in veteran shops.

The Buffalo News ran a piece on the district that hightlighted some recent retailing changes on the strip. Two popular retailers - Kuni's Sushi Bar and Thunder Bay - both have recently decided to move on.

Effects of Google Jagger Distilled


Google completed its latest algorithmic update in early fall, 2005. This has several implications to the practice of search optimization

From what I've gathered, the Jagger update addressed links, age/history of a site and how a site is built.

First links. The bottom line is that the way incoming links are now be counted or weighted has changed. This is Google's attempt to fight pop sites or unnatural link building/buying campaigns.

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