Hevesi: A Good Example of Bad Govt


Hevesi: A Good Example of Bad Govt

I've been following a story in New York about its State Comptroller, Alan Hevesi and his embattled fight for his politcal life. He's been fingered for clear wrongdoing and, evidently, a pattern in the way he governs. There's convincing evidence that he needs to go - and soon.

Hevesi is New York's Comptroller - the chief fiscal watchdog of the Empire State's vast financial enterprise and especially its 14.3 billion pension fund.

Adventures with My Little Jetta


I came to driving a new used-car recently. It's a 1994 VW Jetta that only had 44K miles on it. I was offered a deal I couldn't refuse by Erin. And its been interesting experience to say the least.

There are a few things one should consider when owning an older vehicle. Here's my story.

Cartier-Bresson Throwback


For those who've never heard of him, Henri Cartier-Bresson has long been considered the 'greatest living photographer'. Although he recently passed away in very old age, he left a breadth of outstanding work in the field. He's was a pioneering photographic artist. His work defined what's today known as photojournalism.

Cartier-Bresson's most famous and lauded photograph was an image of man jumping over a puddle in a rail yard. The shot is considered by many as one of the greatest photographs of all time. Here is a copy of it:

Telecomputing For Speed, Convenience


My professional position provides me with the ability to remotely log-in to my office computer via the Web. From anywhere in the world I can be in working at my office machine 'virtually', identical to if I was sitting in front of it.

Trudeau and The Great Pool Hustle


I awoke this morning with a hacking cough. Somehow, I must of left the television on all night. Anyways, blurry-eyed, I caught of glimpse of the billiard industry's modern-day Peter Pan - IPT Tour Founder Kevin Trudeau. Finally, things started to come together...

Flu Shot Effort Wins Sir Walter Raleigh Award


I received an award from the Raleigh Public Relations Society for my work on raising awareness of flut shot distribution problems.

Last year, a simple press release I distributed about the problems NC family physicians were experiencing relative to flu shots was recognized with a Sir Walter Raleigh Award on June 27. The Raleigh Public Relations Society (RPRS) annually recognizes public relations excellence in a variety of categories. My entry was runner-up in the news writing category.

Mark McBride Ties The Knot


My very first friend growing up, Mr. Mark McBride, got married over the weekend. I went back to Buffalo for the wedding and festivities for a fantastic weekend.

The flight out was pretty basic. It was nice getting into Buffalo so was the first time I had done so. I wish Erin could have come.

After I arrived, Chris picked me up at the airport. We went to Nig's shop to pick up his dune buggy - at least that's what I call it. It's a Suzuki Sidekick. I love the way it drives.

Shooter Returns / Pump Inn Closes


On a recent trip home to Buffalo I ran into Jeff Van Buren at the Hippodrome and he gave me a copy of the most recent edition of Shooter - the billiard publication he acquired from me way back in 94.

Erin and Peter Get Married


Erin and I got married on May 20, 2006 at the Blockade Runner Resort in Wrightsville Beach, NC. It was wonderful.

Here are the events as I remember them. The whole time was just absolutely fantastic. These were the happiest days in my life.

Friday - Drive & Rehearsal Day
I began the day by picking up Jim Little - Tiffany's boyfriend. I thought it was going to be a hassle and all finding him at the airport. Turns out I was running a bit late - I thought. It turned out to be almost perfect timing.

Web Listed as No. 1 Media


What's the surprise here?

The most interesting thing with this news was Pam Hortan's comments about incremental reach. Her idea stressed multimedia. I took this to mean more cross-media channels.

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