Ella Goes to Day Care


Ella's first day at daycare was today. It sucked having to do it so early. Really put a drag on this year's 4-20 ;<

We dropped her off about 8:30 a.m.

About half-way through the day I get a call from the center's Director. She was calling just to say that everything was going fine. I thought that was a nice touch, since probably every new parent struggles with it.

I got my login for the web-camera. Thought that was cool, although you can't really see that much.

She is now officially enrolled at

The Brunswick Gold Crown I Story


The 1963 Brunswick Gold Crown I

Everyone who knows me well knows I like pool. Way back when (mid-1990s), I bought a Gold Crown III from a guy I used to work with, Henry Pilat. The table had come from pool room in the late 1970s.

When I started my retail shop on Elmwood, I decided to sell the table to Bob Remington. He was opening a pool room in Clarence, NY (Bogies Billiards). He eventually refurbished the table and I think it is still currently Table #9 (I could be wrong). Anyways Bogies has a set of Gold Crowns alongside their Diamonds.

Ella Reid Graber is Born


Ella Reid Graber

Ella Reid Graber was born on January 26, 2009 at 10:45 pm. It was a very long day for mommy, and a nervous one for me, but all came out great.

Her official due date was actually Jan. 25, but the doctors elected to induce to insure that everything went smoothly.

Finally Completed Masters Degree


I completed my Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications near the end-of-July. It's been a long 13-class road and I am pumped that I got through it.

I started at West Virginia University in May of 2005, deciding that I would take my time in getting the degree. It was a good amount of work - paper and paper, discussion reponses that wreaked havoc on alot of the nights, and somewhat flaky classmates at times.

'Confessions' a Great Thing for Buffalo


My wife introduced me to a fantastic show that's been running on A&E called 'Confessions of a Matchmaker'. I think its the best thing to happen for Buffalo, NY in a long time.

We half joking say around the NCAFP office that family medicine needs another 'Marcus Welby' television show to help it stand out. For anyone younger than forty, the show had a hugely successful run in the late-60s to mid-70s. It was about a family doctor and his prevails in caring and mentoring. (See this link for info)

CAE - A New Credential Obtained


studied and passed the Certified Association Executive examination. Preparation was very straightforward. I learned some tricks along the way.

No Thought to Speak in Table Topics


I was a contestant recently in my public speaking clubs extemporaneous speaking contest. I learned a few trick in speaking with basically no time to gather your thoughts.

My public speaking club - Capital City Toastmasters - held its annual Spring Speech Contest. The contest is part of Toastmasters Internationals Speech contest series. I entered the 'Table Topics' portion of the contest. This has contestants speaking 'off-the-cuff' about a topic they don't know until called upon.

Parked Domains and SEO: Beware


A client had been using their parked domain as their primary URL. For all intents, this presented no problems. However, after months of difficulty getting traction in Google SERPs, it became very apparent that it was creating problems. The reason: duplicate content.

Graber Geneaology


Someone in our family had to do this before it was gone forever. Queried my father about some family history. Rough notes appear below.

Gaga Over Google Docs


Gaga Over Google Docs

I think it is so cool that Google Docs & Spreadsheets works with Moveable Type! I have been playing with their new tool and its integration features with various blog software tools. I am writing this within their new tool, then publishing it remotely to my blog.

Nicer Editing Interface

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