Finally Closer to Relaunch of V4

- has been in need of a facelift for awhile. I have been working on-and-off for about a year to transition the existing site to Drupal.

Great Information Links for Ensuring Email Delivery


Here are a couple of links regarding improving email delivery. Email service providers continually are tweaking their approaches to ensure that the emails they're sending are landing in the most INBoxes as possible.

Sources for Spreading the Word Online: Links to PR


Here is a short list of links to service providers who help you spread the word on the Internet.

2010 Raleigh Snowstorm


2010 Raleigh Snow

Raleigh got about 4-6 inches on Friday/Saturday and the whole city shut down. The best thing about living here is that this is pretty much a given every other year, at the very least.

Brother Navigates Leadership Change Like a Pro



It was great to see that my brother was spared the axe during a recent change in leadership at his place of employment. He has worked there for as long as I can remember and has seen a number of 'administrations' come and go...Just goes to show you how seasaoned he's become in that cut throat world...

Iceskating with Little Ella



Erin and i decided to tale little ella iceskatig in downtown raleigh today. it turned out to be great time. since erin didnt want to take a chance skating with her knee, i strapped on skates for the first time since about 1991.

Tiny URLS Suck - Beware of Them


I'm seeing a growing use of Tiny URLs. You've seen them. They look funky, like this: I think they suck, because you lose three key advantages to good links: security, findability and context. This is just a short rant on why I they are a pet peeve of mine.

Pool Hustler Series by Van Buren


I got a message from an old friend, Jeff Van Buren. Jeff was the promoter who bought Shooter from me way back in 1995. He eventually turned it into one of the largest amateur billiard tours in the northeast. The Shooter Tour ran for about a decade.

Holiday Adventure



Erin, Ella and I took a short trip to see Ms. Linda's farm in Clayton to see some horses and enjoy some pre-holiday cheer. Ella loved it and it was her very first time seeing 'barnyard animals.'

You just have to love Erin for getting us to do all this...hopefully this will become another great family tradition.

Ella Goes to Day Care


Ella's first day at daycare was today. It sucked having to do it so early. Really put a drag on this year's 4-20 ;<

We dropped her off about 8:30 a.m.

About half-way through the day I get a call from the center's Director. She was calling just to say that everything was going fine. I thought that was a nice touch, since probably every new parent struggles with it.

I got my login for the web-camera. Thought that was cool, although you can't really see that much.

She is now officially enrolled at

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