Another Agency Bites the Dust n RTP

This is old news for everyone but me, but it seems my friends at S&R Communications are no longer around. I worked with them briefly on the website. I knew something was up around last fall when I met with their creative director; his tone spoke volumes.

They had around forty employees. They also had been in business for ages. This is the second major firm to flatline. Catevo bit it last Sept./Oct.

Ironically, two agencies got formed by each firms' former executives. Hopefully each will do well.

In only observing the ad-biz, very tough to stay current across disciplines. S&R Comm's folks couldn't even update a simple website I built. I'm sure this was just my contact and the fact that it was pro-bono from their end, but still. I know production is only a minor part, but come on.

I observe a number of the same types of issues with the new entrants. I know production will be outsourced - and that its just a medium - but I think you have to be able to speak the language to know how to say it best.

That type of thing....

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