Raleigh, 2010

About Grabers, Inc.


Grabers is a small marketing services boutique operated by Peter Graber that completes projects in digital and commercial printing, the World Wide Web and marketing communications. Peter brings 15-years of experience to every project and is a graduate of the SUNY College at Buffalo. He obtained his Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism at  West Virginia University.


Began as a Copy Shop

Grabers came to life in 1996 with a little bit of luck and a handful of credit cards. Founded as a small retail copy shop in the heart of  Buffalo's Elmwood Village, Grabers launched by serving customers with walk-in copies, faxing and small package shipping services. The store also offered commercial printing, graphic design and website creation support that enabled it to develop a small corporate clientele.

After three years of retail operations, Grabers shifted strategy to focus on the needs of its professional customers. Peter relocated to Cary, NC in 2002 and serves his customers out of a small home office.

The Marketing Services Provider

Grabers serves a small number of organizations in the Raleigh-Durham area with the same core offerings - printing, Internet and marketing communications service. The company is pursuing three concepts in its development as a unique marketing services provider:

Virtual & Low Cost - Grabers relies on its website, a basic PO box, a small home office and a network-enabled toolset to deliver its services. The company's profile is virtual and physically tiny.

Completely Networked - Nearly every aspect of Grabers' service delivery is executed through processes connected to the network. This includes all customer/client support, vendor engagements, marketing, communications, and most critical line-of-business functions. This enables anytime, anywhere operations from any network-aware device.

Knowledge-Based - Grabers invests in knowledge assets to deliver on its product and services promise. The company seeks to leverage the capital assets of third parties where needed and 'virtualizes' new knowledge into its network for continued growth and advancement.

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